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Glasimport Greenhouses has been specialized in glass for greenhouses for almost 60 years. 

Our organisation has gained a lot of knowledge over the years about greenhouse glass and the worldwide applications of it. This knowledge is being used as base for further delevopments of light transmission and durability.

Together with our manufacturers, customers and knowledge organisations like the Wageningen University & Research, we keep fine tuning the properties of our greenhouse glass for even more better results, for example the applying of special AR-coatings. Specific knowledge we share with our customers. 

Further more, we have a spacious amount of glass in our warehouses (ca. 2.200m2). And with our two cutting lines, we are able to deliver fast.

Besides, Glasimport is an independent and allround supplier of construction glass for the building industry. We have been an important glass supplier in the European glass world for many years. Because of our independent status, we are able to buy from all glasproducers in Europe aswell as outside Europe. We deliver glass directly from the manufacturer to the customer or from our warehouses.

Kantoor Glasimport Greenhouses Kwinsheul
Office Glasimport Greenhouses Kwintsheul

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